Estonia were robbed!

Am I the only person wondering why Norway won this year’s Eurovision? While I ranked them way down in 19th place, most of Europe must have been watching a different song! After some very scientific calculations, here are the countries which I think should have been in the top five.

1. Estonia
2. Portugal
3. Malta
3. Maldova
5. Iceland
5. Bosnia and Herzegovina

With my taste in music, I’m willing to accept that Estonia may not have been the best, although Andrew Lloyd Webber seemed to like them as well. But Norway? I don’t get it.

I must admit to watching Eurovision most years, but this year we did a wee bit of time shifting just in case any fast forwarding was required. As it turns out, surprisingly little fast forwarding occurred so we were far enough behind to want to avoid any spoilers from twitter; just when I’ve given up watching anything much ‘live’ on TV, something comes along that makes watching at the same time as everyone else more interesting again.

As for the show itself, Rusia did a great job hosting: hogging 30% of the worlds LED screens, ‘this is the International Space Station calling’ (shame it wasn’t to give their votes!), flying pools, and a voting progress bar. FTW.

Having said that, despite much talk of a return to it being a song contest, I’m not sure the results support that. Still, what fun would that be anyway?!

Happy Norwegian Constitution Day (a coincidence?!)