Looking for a new house

Moving phone company turned out to be too confusing and difficult, so what we’ve decided to do instead is move house. Much simpler! Hmmm, I suspect Cerys might not agree, so this could be a bit of an adventure! Just had the first valuation today, which confirmed our theory on what to sell for, and financial adviser was at Hursley today anyway by some amazing coincidence, which confirmed our theory on what we can buy for. (So that’ll be a shed in Winchester and half an extra bedroom in Southampton!)

Two more estate agents coming round this week and then we have to decide… should we stay, or should we go? (Look out for us at house buyers anonymous if we do decide to go for it!)

As for phone companies… anyone would think that moving is a rare event judging how badly most companies cope with the whole process, so I fully expect a broadband blackout if we do move, in which case 3 PAYG broadband looks like a tempting offer… but that’s planning ahead just a little!