Checkbox fail

Apologies if this is a repeat grumble, but every time I export an EAR file from RSA the dialog box annoys me. Well, that’s a bit unfair, it’s not the whole dialog box, just one very pointless checkbox on it…

So the first time I attempt to export to a destination which already exists, I get a helpful error preventing me doing something potentially stupid. When I know that I’m just re-exporting the same EAR and I’m happy to just overwrite the old one (which probably wasn’t working because I forgot to include something important) I just need to check the “Overwrite existing file” box to make the error go away and I can hit finish. Lovely… except that the dialog remembers this option next time I come to do an export! Basically it may as well not exist after the first export.

It’s actually a bit of a love hate relationship with this little checkbox though, because if it always defaulted to unchecked I think I’d much prefer it to having a dialog popping up asking whether I want to overwrite an existing file. Oh well, almost useful.

Anyway, it’s Friday and time to go home; check.