New home

Not us; the German friendship cake!

Bubbling in glass bowl

It seems to be enjoying the new bowl and two days of stirring. Tomorrow it needs feeding!


Cold start

It’s cold outside, but I’m prepared! Here’s how to warm up the morning with a bowl, a microwave and a handy sized espresso cup.

Start with one cup of rolled oats:

Add them to a bowl with two cups of milk:

Stir, microwave at full power for one minute, stir, then full power for another minute:


Oops, almost forgot the best bit…

Mmmm, breakfast.

Mmmm, cake

Thanks to Richard’s departure from computer related blogging, this chocolate cake emerged from the microwave after just 5 minutes!


It very nearly jumped out of the mug and escaped the microwave on its own while it was cooking. Might try a bigger mug next time; yes, there will most definitely be a next time!! (On the subject of mugs, Ian does get bonus points for his inspired choice!)