Ready for emergencies

I’ve just been catching up on the @AddisonsUK tweets and realised I had meant to share my kit for International Addison’s Day so, only slightly belatedly, here it is!

I should mention that it’s still less than a year since I was diagnosed, so I’m quite likely to have got some or all of this wrong!

The first thing I got was a keyring tablet holder which has been brilliant so far. (The only things I remember to take with me anywhere are my keys!) I use one compartment for my lunchtime and afternoon doses, which makes it obvious if I forget either of them. There’s a second compartment with a few spare doses just in case, which fortunately I’ve only needed once so far.

I keep the rest of my kit in a hospital bag, with spare clothes, a wash kit etc. So far I haven’t needed any of it but it’s all in one place ready to go.

The emergency injection kit is from Addison’s self-help group shop, with some spare steroids thrown in.

The folder has my hospital discharge notes, diagnosis, and prescriptions in, in case I need them.

And finally, not really Addison’s related, a power bank to charge my phone. Having been stuck in hospital last year, I definitely appreciated being able to stay in touch with the outside world, and it was only for a week!

Any tips for things I should add would be awesome!