Big box of blogs

Just a quick post to end the year/decade; not a review of the past, or predictions for the future, but a few weblogs you might be interested in taking a look at after the hangover. I’ve been meaning to sort out a proper blogroll since I gave up using Technorati to keep track of my favourites. It was tricky to come up with a short list and there are plenty of other excellent blogs in my feed reader which didn’t quite make it this time round, some just because they’ve gone quiet. Anyway, without further ado, here’s my blogroll of 2009:

diamond geezer

This isn’t just some amateur blog like the one you’re reading, it’s a London finest blog. Regular features, cutting wit, days out by proxy, the underground and an all round great read.

Alex Bowyer

Canada is probably the only country I’d consider emigrating to* so it’s a fascinating perspective on a country I’ve only visited a couple of times. (* Still pretty unlikely so don’t panic if you live there!) Plus there’s technology and, apparently, life after IBM!


Wonderfully eclectic. Pft.

Hub Solution Designs

A brief detour into work related territory. This is still the most interesting master data management blog I’ve found, confirmed by Dan’s most recent “Hidden Costs of Duplicate Customer Data” post. I guess MDM might be a bit niche, so moving swiftly on…

Staring At Empty Pages

Has certain similarities with diamond geezer with “On highway exit numbering”, “Clumping, and throughput in public transportation” and a “Faulty logic” series, but not from London. A trip to Japan was a bit excessive in comparison to diamond geezer’s local jaunts though!!

Strange Maps

Some brilliant maps. Some… not so good, but still worth a look if you like maps.

Sustainable Suburbia

Probably the most geeky on the list, and it should be familiar to anyone who’s been paying attention to Homecamp. Read this one for arduino, gas monitoring, boiler control and RF electronics, although it’s the Lister engine I really like… just don’t tell Jo!!

That’s all for this year. Hope you have a very happy 2010.