Getting ready for Information on Demand

Next week I’ll be at the Information on Demand conference in Las Vegas and, like Susan, I’m nearly ready! (Hopefully I’ll actually be ready after the set up session on Sunday afternoon!)

This will be my first trip to Las Vegas, and my first IOD conference, so I’ve been on the look out for anything useful in the run up. After a slow start, there’s some activity- here’s my shortlist in the absence of a decent aggregation (would have set up a Yahoo pipe or something if I’d thought of it earlier):

I also stumbled on The Maturing of MDM and You did check that spreadsheet, right? along the way, which you may be interested in.

I’ll be in the demo hall most of the week, although I do hope to escape to blog along the way!

Update: Richard Hackathorn started early and has already been posting about IOD/Gold. (26 Oct 2008)