Tree Trio

The Poles Lane post box is plastered in tinsel so it must be time to accept that it’s almost Christmas. For everyone I haven’t managed to send a card to, here’s a little tree inspired rhyme…

We three trees, not in a park,

One in an office, one in the dark,

One on a table, that’s not very stable,

It’ll probably end with a spark!

Merry Christmas!



It’s lasted a few years but sadly our old Christmas tree failed the strictest quality control standards required for indoor duties. Luckily there was an opening for front garden decoration, so it’s not out of work just yet. Doing a fine job too I think:

The lights are plugged in to a Home Easy socket, so I may be dusting off the arduino to control them, which would be an ideal excuse to give a Pachube Dashboard a try… as soon as I’ve finished the Christmas shopping that is!

50% bah humbug

I actually do like Christmas. It just isn’t Christmas yet, not that you’d guess with the Hedge End illuminations lighting my way home. We aren’t the only scrooges on the street though, the festive glare comes to a sudden end with a garden full of neon reindeer about half way down the road. At least, the reindeer are usually lit up- I must admit I was just a little disappointed that their fuse seems to have popped tonight. I suppose Christmas is getting quite close now…

Might get the tree in this weekend…

Quite looking forward to seeing the polar bears again, and this year they’ll be radio controlled!

A tribute to the Coolest Christmas Tree on the Planet

The title of coolest tree on the planet is safe, with clapper controlled white or colour light selection, but Hampshire is home to the cutest tree on the planet…

Polar Bear lights

Snow filled penguin bauble and polar bear lights (they’ll just give you a funny look if you clap at them!), and there’s a Rudolph hanging around somewhere as well.