Wii for sale

After doing a fine job collecting dust, I’ve decided to sell my Wii. Despite being a lot of fun, computer games still don’t keep my attention. The only chance they have is with multi-player games (I still remember the days of Micro Machines on the playstation and Golden Eye on the N64!), but that’s more the people than the games.

The other thing that puts me off computer games is the entertainment industry’s weird obsession with draconian restrictions on their hardware and software. Despite technology’s potential for connecting the globe, I can’t buy games for my Wii in this country because it was a gift from the US. Entirely artificially, that makes it different region.

Before selling I wanted to reset everything but formatting reveals more restrictions:

“If you remove your Wii Shop Channel account, all of your currently registered Wii Points and downloaded software, data, and services will be deleted and software stored on an SD Card will become unusable.”

“If you plan to transfer ownership of this Wii console to someone else, you cannot transfer the Wii Points you have purchased or the software, data, or services you have downloaded, so you will need to remove your Wii Shop Channel account on this screen.”

So that’s nice, everything I did buy is gone for good, whether I’ve saved it to an SD card or not. I might have got another Wii in the future, or I might want to give the games away with the Wii, but tough luck. And then there are our Miis. I’ve saved them on to a controller which I’ll be keeping, but they too are linked to the console they were created on; I can move them, but won’t be able to edit them any more. Thanks Nintendo, you guys really know how to make a customer feel special.

Still, don’t let all that put you off buying a second hand Wii- I doubt the competition is any better!! So what’s a good price for an as new boxed up US Wii? £120? I’ll be putting it on the Hursley for sale forum shortly.

Update: looks like the DRM obsession can cause issues when upgrading to a Wii U as well. Nice work Nintendo. (21 November 2012)



Graphing CurrentCost using RRDtool

I’ve not been doing much with my CurrentCost data lately, having been slightly distracted with upgrading my home server OS. Well, upgrading is possibly a slightly odd description for a running a new live CD system but to compile rrdtool I grabbed the latest version (6.0.7) of SLAX instead of SLAMPPLite which is based on an older release. I really like the new version of SLAX so I’ve been experimenting with some home server type customizations, manually so far since MySLAX creator only seems to understand older versions, but I might give SLAX Tools a go too.

Anyway, while not quite as interesting as Dale’s CurrentCost bill, I now have a working RRDtool SLAX module. RRDtool seems ideal for graphing CurrentCost data. I’m aiming for something like this example, which would be perfect for viewing on a TV using the Wii but to start with I’ve been giving it a simple trial run over the last day. Here are the results so far:

RRDtool power graph

Looking pretty good, and I think there are a few more features of RRDtool that could prove useful.

Update: found another great example of using RRDtool for CurrentCost data, which has a link to another page with exactly the kind of RRDtool settings you’ll need for a CurrentCost meter! (17 November 2008)

Update: looks like Chris Dalby has RRDtool hooked up as well now. Hope to post about RRDtool again soon with the commands I’m using; just need a couple more tweaks! (7 December 2008)

Bluetooth house

Since starting to dabble with home automation I’ve had a few thoughts about how bluetooth might be useful in all sorts of ways. Any early candidate for inclusion was the astounding Wiimote which, as Johnny Chung Lee has shown, is one of the most versatile pieces of consumer gadgetry ever. Waving the Wiimote about to dim the lights might be fun, and I love this use to open a door! For more immediate results though, the Wii itself seems like an ideal interface to the tiny headless server I now have running.

As Gareth’s twittering laptop shows, bluetooth is also a nice way to tell when you’re home. (Plus, it might be interesting to hook the house up with Cityware to tell you who’s at the door.) A USB bluetooth dongle could be on my shopping list soon. I’m also very tempted to go completely wild and get an Arduino (there’s bluetooth for the Arduino… and Zigbee) – watching Nicholas’ progress before I decide though.