Get your lovely fresh user interface generator here

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Server V8.5 has just been announced! I don’t usually get excited by IBM product announcements but the new version of MDM Server comes with the User Interface Generator, which is is what I actually work on in my day job. We get this description in the announcement letter:

A new sophisticated user interface generator for simplified user interface creation, customization, and use. This model-driven, role-based generator allows for the automatic generation and regeneration of comprehensive user interfaces and supports integration with nongenerated user interface screens.

If you’re as excited as I am, and who wouldn’t be, there’s a series of articles about the user modeling used to generate user interfaces from on developerWorks. Now it’s been shipped, I’ll probably be posting a bit more about what the user interface generator can do, plus I hope to have an update to the Setting up an MDM Server development environment post for version 8.5 soon.


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