Rock stars

After a cold winter (for the UK) out across the country, a crack team of rock distributors completed the worlds largest geoglyph on 11th March. Our ancestors only managed tiny geoglyphs in comparison, although to be fair they didn’t have tools like satellites GPS, mobile phones, the internet, moblog, the coordinating voice of @britglyph,  and a modern (?!) transport network to help them.

There’s a nice video of all the rock pickers to celebrate the completion of this country sized work of art, which is worth watching for the ‘The Song That Never Was’ backing track:

Pebbles and Boulders: The People Of Britglyph

There are a couple of characters missing from the video though: the britglyph itself, and John Harrison’s Chronometer, which the geoglyph is based on, so check out the Metro article and the Britglyph project on moblog for the full story.

Euroglyph and Worldglyph next?

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