No cash in the attic

I’ve been busy frantically trying to de-clutter the house to put it on the market (again) and uncovered a few ‘historical’ artefacts along the way. Dusted off first was a newsletter from an old holiday job:

I spent a couple of couple of summers doing various odd jobs fixing circuit boards, testing hardware and watching half of You Only Live Twice over and over and over again on finished machines. I think my least favourite job was sticking bits of masking tape on disk drive fronts to have them resprayed. Or maybe it was peeling off all the bits of masking tape when they came back! Amazingly it appears that Lightworks survived its spell with Tektronix, and is now about to be released as an open source project. Will definitely be trying that out sometime, although it might have to wait until we’ve moved.

Talking of disk drives, I also found a big stack of Windows 3.1 install disks:

Don’t think either of those will fetch much at auction, but they were a nice distraction from the rest of the junk heading straight for a bin bag!


3 thoughts on “No cash in the attic

  1. The newsletter is filed in a folder of random career related bits (currently dust free) and I haven’t decided what to do with the disks yet… which is probably why I ended up with piles of this stuff in the first place!
    Also found a picture of Captain Spittle And His Jolly crew from the ’99 MQ Bash!

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