My first PC

While clearing out a load of junk important historical documents from the spare room, to make it more first time buyer friendly, I found a leaflet for my first ever PC:

My first PC

I pushed the limits of performance by going for the 386 DX-33 model with not one but two floppy disk drives! Blisteringly fast! The receipt was also up there and, since I was at school at the time, it took a fair few paper deliveries to pay for it! A year or so later I’d saved up enough money to buy a 40MB second hand HDD! That wasn’t my first computer though. Oh no, before that I had some pretty advanced built in tape deck technology in the form of a Spectrum +2A, which in turn had replaced an ergonomic miracle of rubber key equipped ZX Spectrum 48k joy.

Happy to report that’s as far back as I went. No encounters of the punch card kind here!

Just noticed that the leaflet includes the ‘Turbo’ button… my current ThinkPad could do with one of those.


4 thoughts on “My first PC

  1. Ha! I just did the same thing but I ended up throwing out around twenty large manuals that came with my original machine. Interesting to see on that leaflet that the powersupply form factor has not changed in twenty (?) years :)

  2. Being paper-round-funded, mine didn’t come with any such luxury as manuals!

    The power supply, along with the case, lasted me years (very very solidly built) while all the innards were replaced over time (except for the 3.5″ floppy drive as well I think).

    Things were built to last in the good old days!!

  3. In my younger days I used to hold down the turbo button really hard to squeeze those extra Hz out of the CPU. Those were the days!

    Did your turbo button actually do something?

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