Bluetooth house

Since starting to dabble with home automation I’ve had a few thoughts about how bluetooth might be useful in all sorts of ways. Any early candidate for inclusion was the astounding Wiimote which, as Johnny Chung Lee has shown, is one of the most versatile pieces of consumer gadgetry ever. Waving the Wiimote about to dim the lights might be fun, and I love this use to open a door! For more immediate results though, the Wii itself seems like an ideal interface to the tiny headless server I now have running.

As Gareth’s twittering laptop shows, bluetooth is also a nice way to tell when you’re home. (Plus, it might be interesting to hook the house up with Cityware to tell you who’s at the door.) A USB bluetooth dongle could be on my shopping list soon. I’m also very tempted to go completely wild and get an Arduino (there’s bluetooth for the Arduino… and Zigbee) – watching Nicholas’ progress before I decide though.

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