Phone ranger

Ok, I’m impressed with More Than’s customer support line. They started pretty well with the option to receive a call back instead of staying on hold, plus the person I spoke to seemed very helpful (that’s if I get the call I’m expecting on Monday anyway) but it got even better.

Something I’ve thought for a long time is that customers should be given the option to indicate whether they are satisfied with a call to support lines after the call centre staff have ended the call. Without knowing how successful a call was, the only things left to measure are how many calls staff answer and how quickly they get the customer off the phone, which I don’t believe will ever result in good service. (Not to mention making it a pretty thankless job.) I’m sure poor customer service costs companies in more ways than one: not only in lost custom, but I suspect it must increase the call volumes, leading to more pressure, and poorer service in a vicious circle. Alternatively if I am satisfied after the first call, I won’t need to phone again.

The simplest approach would be to allow customers to stay on the line after the person they were talking to hangs up, at which point they could automatically be put through to a more senior member of staff to resolve any problems straight away. More Than have gone for a short questionnaire about how satisfied you were with the service after finishing the call, although I’m not sure if everyone is given that option, or if they pick a random selection of callers. Either way, it seems like a much better way to measure how effective their customer support is being.

All in all, it has left a really excellent impression of the company and as a result, I’m much more likely to be renewing my insurance with them.

1 thought on “Phone ranger

  1. Wow, they even phoned back when they said they would!

    While phoning round for other quotes I discovered that Lloyds TSB also have a system for getting feedback, which actually seems to work better. To get round the problem of the reflex action to hang up at the end of the call, they phone you straight back. Cunning!

    That’s two good experiences on the phone within a week, so it is possible to get it right.

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